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Fraser Purdie is an award winning composer for television, film and media. A self taught composer, as multi-instrumentalist, his music creates a fusion of acoustic, electronic, orchestral and world sounds. For over 15 years, he has built up a career composing for a number of productions, working with clients ranging from his native Scotland to Australia. His music has been heard throughout the world on platforms such as BBC, Discovery Channel, Sky Nature, Netflix, Amazon, PBS, Terra Mater and ABC.

In 2016 he scored a unique blend of electronic and orchestral music for the BAFTA Television nominated and multi award winning show 'Attenborough's Life That Glows’, whish also earned him Best Original Music at the New York Film & Television Awards. Other successes include the RTS Award Winning series ‘Gudrun the Viking Princess’, title music for the multiple EMMY winning series ‘Love On The Spectrum’ and recently the Wildscreen Golden Panda award winning ‘My Garden of a Thousand Bees’. Recent commissions include 3 part natural history series 'Scotland The New Wild', 'Evolution Earth' and dating show 'Better Date Than Never'.

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2023 - Evolution Earth (Titles music & Ice Episode) | 5 x 60min | Passion Planet - Scotland the New Wild | 3 x 60min | Maramedia / Terra Mater - Better Date Than Never | 6 x 30min | Norther Pictures 2022​ - Chasing The Rains | 3 x 50min | Maramedia / Love Nature - Dirgelion Afon Dyfi | 1 x 60min | Telesgop | S4C - Wildheart | 1 x 60min | Maramedia 2021 - My Garden of a Thousand Bees | 1 x 60min | Passion Planet / PBS - Water of Life | 1 x 60 min | Maramedia 2020 - Stormborn | 3 x 50min | Maramedia / BBC / Love Nature - China : Natures Ancient Kingdom | 3 x 60 min | Oxford Scientific Films - Baby Reindeers First Christmas | 1 x 60 min | Maramedia 2019 - An Octopus in My House | 1 x 60min | Passion Planet / BBC Natural World - Australia: Earths Magical Kingdom | 3 x 60min | Oxford Scientific Films / BBC Natural World ​2018 - Wild Way Of The Vikings | 1 x 50min | Maramedia / PBS - Wild Shetland : Scotland's Viking Frontier | 1 x 60min | Maramedia / BBC1 Scotland - The Age of the Big Cats | 3 x 60min | Ammonite TV / Curiosity Stream - Britains Polar Bear Baby | 1 x 60min | STV Productions / Channel 4 Gudrun The Viking Princess Series 2 | 10 x 5min | Maramedia / CBEEBIES 2017 - Attenborough & The Empire of the Ants | 1 x 60min | Ammonite TV / BBC Natural World - Gudrun The Viking Princess Series 1 | 10 x 5min | Maramedia / CBEEBIES 2016 - Attenborough's Life That Glows | 1 x 60min | Ammonite TV / BBC Natural World - Hotel Armadillo | 1 x 60min | Maramedia / BBC Natural World - Tree of the Year with Ardal O'hanlon | 1 x 60min | STV Productions / Channel 4 - Big World, Small Garden | 1 x 10 | Ammonite TV / Curiosity Stream 2015 - India's Wandering Lions | 1 x50min | Ammonite TV / PBS - Manas: Return of the Giants | 1 x 50min | Ammonite TV / Discovery India

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From Blue Chip Natural History shows to Dating series, Fraser's diverse musical approach creates soundtracks with a difference, enhancing the moods of every show he has worked on.


Various music samples written for various television productions, categorised into style genres.

Fraser Purdie Studio Promo


What clients have to say.

"Working with Fraser was easy right from the start. My brief for the music for 'Life that Glows' was complicated to say the least. I wanted everything and nothing, classic but modern, electronic but orchestral, otherworldly but not sci fi. Fraser instantly got it and his music fitted our intentions perfectly. He was fast yet consider and everything sounded new and different. A pleasure to work with."

Joe Loncraine, Director, Attenborough's Life That Glows (BAFTA TV Best Specialist Factual nomination 2017)

"Maramedia has worked with Fraser on five separate projects now and we’re not planning to stop working together any time soon! Our company is passionate about music and soundscapes and no one gets under the skin of a project quite like Fraser. He can work to fierce deadlines but really flourishes inside a production team working to a wide creative brief. He can compose for any musical mood but crucially always gets inside the story so that everything he composes enhances the action and drives it forward."

Nigel Pope, Creative Director – Maramedia

"The wonderful thing about working with Fraser is that you never have to worry.  He always comes up with something classy, beautiful and perfectly-suited to the subject.   Added to that he's calm, reassuring, collaborative and thoroughly lovely to work with."

 Caroline Hawkins, Creative Director Oxford Scientific Films

"I love working with Fraser, On Gudrun we wanted a tricky blend of epic atmosphere and child friendly melodies - not an easy brief but Fraser really got it.   I really enjoyed the collaboration. We worked closely on the early episodes and quickly built up a kit of parts that worked brilliantly across the series."

Simon Parsons, Exec Producer - Marakids​

"From elephants to octopus, Fraser can transcend the epic and whimsical,  moving from modern to orchestral, with consummate ease."

David Allen, Managing Director Passion Planet


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